Rondolo Quick Ship Program by Decoustics is an ideal solution for projects with tight budgets and deadlines that call for rush delivery. The program accommodates jobs of all sizes with a minimum order requirement of only 20 planks. Rondolo micro-perforated acoustic wood planks and trim accessories are readily available to ship out on request within 3 weeks. The 3-step ordering process is simplified for your convenience and ease of installation:

  1. Calculate square footage and determine how many Rondolo plank packages and trim pieces are required for the project.
  2. Select one of 4 available veneers and provide a PO. We will return the Order Acknowledgement including freight rates.
  3. Product will ship in 3 weeks or less. Effortlessly field-cut planks and trim to size and install with ease as no veneer matching is required.

Rondolo micro-perforated wood planks and non-perforated trim design returns are available in 4 standard reconstituted veneers and lengths. Rondolo Planks do not require veneer matching regardless of the size of the project. Unique construction of the reconstituted veneer on the face allows for smooth transition from plank to plank making certain that the entire area is seamlessly matched. Rondolo Planks and Trims can easily be field-cut and installed using supplied mounting clips. Planks can then be installed in a variety of configurations and patterns can be achieved through the use of 3 types of Rondolo Trims.

Customization is not available with the Quick Ship program. If factory customization is required, we can accommodate the request through our regular lead times for custom-engineering which vary upon complexity. Please visit Rondolo product page for more information.

Rondolo Quick Ship Program offers:

  • Economical price and simplified ordering process
  • Easy field installation, no veneer matching required
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) up to 0.95
  • Class A Fire Rating for a fully finished product
  • No-Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) core
  • Comes standard in FSC C020536 certified materials