The leaders at Gordon Lumber Holdings Company (Gordon) have announced plans to enhance the company’s focus on contractor building services. Based on growing successes with components manufacturing and installed sales for building industry professionals, Gordon plans to fine tune the company’s direction.

“After careful consideration of changes in marketplace trends and practices, the Board of Directors and management team for Gordon have decided to focus our company’s attention solely on supporting the needs of construction industry representatives, such as builders, contractors and remodelers,” says Erin Leonard, president of Gordon Lumber Holdings Company. “We make this change from a position of industry strength and following years of increasing professional sales and services.

“In order to grow, we need to align our resources with our greatest opportunities. We’ve carefully thought out the future course for Gordon and believe this is our strategic pathway forward.”

Growing from a Position of Strength

During the past several years the different businesses of Gordon have all evolved in conjunction with marketplace changes. Leonard explains that the ongoing growth of the company comes from aligning itself with industry evolutionary trends.

“By focusing on our successful contractor services, such as design estimating, components, installation and centralized product offerings, we are taking strategic steps to support the needs of contractors and builders,” says Leonard. “A great example of this is our components operation. Since 1992 we have offered superior design services for building industry professionals.

“We’re witnessing every year how more and more builders and contractors rely on these services. Our components team uses cutting edge software --- including 3D component design and 3D estimating software --- to engineer building components for any size job. The trusses and other components we manufacture with state-of-the-art equipment bring world-class quality products into the hands of our valued customers.”

According to Pamela Goetsch, a direct descendant of company founder Washington Gordon and a member of the Gordon Board of Directors, the robust growth plans for Gordon pinpoint the needs of professionals. “Our efficient and continued focus on responding to industry needs is one reason why our components business has grown so quickly,” says Goetsch. “We’re providing builders value-added support with installation, design and estimating services, as well as the lumber packages, wall panels, floor trusses and roof trusses they require to address their customer’s needs.”

The installed sales business operated by Gordon is another company growth area. “Our customers have an increased demand for skilled trade labor,” says Goetsch. “We can meet that demand by providing top quality labor to install the products we offer. This is just another way we are dedicated to helping building industry professionals grow their businesses.”

Next Steps

As a next step toward focusing on the needs of building industry professionals, Gordon plans to streamline its operations and divest itself of several retail sales operations. The company will close its locations in Huron, Ohio and Fremont, Ohio as of June 5, 2020. Remaining inventory will be transferred to the Port Clinton, Ohio store location, which will serve as a liquidation center for products through October 31, 2020, at which time this location will close. The remaining centrally-located Genoa, Ohio store will add employees to serve the needs of professional building industry customers at that location.

“Moving to a single distribution point lumberyard allows us to focus more attention on professionals in this industry by way of centralizing and leveraging design and estimating teams, inventory, installed sales and delivery,” says Leonard. “We anticipate being able to successfully handle the needs of builders, contractors and remodelers throughout a wide range of areas in Ohio and Michigan.”

Located at 22300 W. St. Rte. 51, the Genoa location for Gordon is the largest facility owned by the company. It also has room for potential expansion in the future. The company’s corporate offices, currently located in Fremont, will also move to the Genoa location before the end of the year.