ln today's unprecedented time of canceled industry meetings, STAFDA is making the equally unprecedented offer to distributors only in the construction/industrial channel whose organization's annual meeting was canceled to attend STAFDA's upcoming November 8-10 Anaheim Convention & Trade Show for this year onlv.

The construction/industrial channel is a people-centric, hands-on business where networking, education, and seeing new products are key. COVID-19 has taken away that opportunity for many groups this year and STAFDA wants to extend an invitation to distributors who have missed out on their own vertical channel's convention or coop meeting to connect with like-minded peers in a safe environment.

STAFDA is not targeting a specific association or organization, but rather all walks of distributors in the construction/industrial channel. They are encouraged to visit STAFDA's website, www.stafda.org, to learn more about the Anaheim Convention & Trade Show, review the agenda, safety precautions, exhibitor list, and pricing. Non-STAFDA distributors will be able to register for the Anaheim meeting starting July 15 from STAFDA's website. A registration link will be posted to STAFDA's home page under the "Convention" tab.

Non-STAFDA distributor members' registration fee will be slightly higher than STAFDA members' cost to attend.

It's a fact we're "all in this together" and that means supporting each other's organizations and the construction industry through this year of turmoil. STAFDA hopes non-member distributors of other associations or co-ops will take advantage of this one-time, unique offering as we strive to get our lives and businesses back to normal.

For more information, please contact the STAFDA office, 800-352-298L, info@stafda.org.