Bisaten Thermo Paint & Primer, manufactured in Italy and brand new to the US market, is fast making inroads into the trade and consumer press, gaining praise from top interior decorators and builders, while its organic social media profile is growing at an unprecedented pace. Bisaten has so far been featured in prestigious KBB Business: Kitchens & Baths as well as Green Home Builder, with many more feature articles and pro reviews coming out shortly. “As an interior decorator, I’m always looking for solutions for my clients that match their technical needs with their desire for a beautiful quality interior paint” says Nashville decorator Lisa Crandall. “I recently completed a bathroom reno for a client using Bisaten in a beautiful aqua color, and she was amazed that it took care of her mold and condensation issues but still looked incredibly smooth and pretty.”

This extra-durable, easy-to-apply washable paint is patented and formulated with 3M technology for the most reliable, experience for professional painters, contractors and DIY enthusiasts. In response to the needs of our planet and the health and safety of humans and animals, it is completely non-toxic, free of volatile organic compounds, packaged in recyclable containers. This unique insulating product is available in a range of gorgeous colors inspired by the stunning Italian countryside and coastline.

Bisaten Thermal Paint & Primer’s immediate success in the US market is predicated on a dream come true scenario for smart consumers, matching practicality with beautiful interiors. It is now available to order online or through our distributor and will soon be carried in major hardware chains across the country.