What can be applied to Fireproofing? How to deal with attachments? How to protect wood? Find out these answers and more during NFCA's "Top 10" List from the Manufacturers! Sean Canfield, Isolatek International; John Dalton, GCP Applied Technolgies; George Guanci, Sherwin Williams Company; Ernst Toussaint, HILTI; and Sean Younger, Carboline Company.


  • Curt Baske, GCP Applied Technologies will present on project management, sharing his years of experience in the industry and how to do things right!
  • Chief Economist, Ken Simonson with the economic outlook for construction.
  • Attorney Karen Layng on "Potential Liability and How to Protect Your Business."
  • Charlie Carter, American Institute of Steel on Speed Core Buildings.
  • NFCA favorite, Kevin Dougherty on "The Business Side of Contracting."
  • NFCA's Bill McHugh and Rich Walke will present "Codes Forward, and What's Coming?" updating on all things building code in the International Building Code and National Building Code of Canada.
  • Jose Torero, Professor of Civil Engineering, University College of London, will cover Fire-Resistance & Safety, Performance Based Structural/Fire Building Design, Restrained & Unrestrained Ratings and the future.


  • NFCA Award of Excellence Announcements
  • Project Highlights from NFCA Award of Excellence Winners
  • NFCA Sponsor Forums - Sharing what is new and what is coming!
  • UL Qualified SFRM Contractor Program, Ruben Sandoval Jr, UL

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