Crane Composites, a subsidiary of Crane Co., recently presented 35 organizations with donations as part of their long-standing and valued tradition of supporting local communities through the Crane Fund for Widows and Children. Each year, Crane Composites makes donations to organizations having personal connection to their associates. Individuals from each site in Goshen, IN, Florence, KY, Jonesboro, AR, and Channahon, IL nominate local organizations that have positively impacted their lives or the communities in which they work. This year was especially important as many donors have reduced or paused donations due to the COVID pandemic.

“Being involved in the community where we live and work, and supporting those in need, is an essential part of how we do business at Crane Composites,” said John O’Sullivan, President. “We built this company on being a good member of the community. That’s a legacy that lives on at Crane Composites and extends into everything we do – from developing innovative, quality products to inspiring future generations and providing a helping hand when needed.”

Crane Co. has a rich history and legacy of over 100 years of charitable giving. Crane’s founder, R.T. Crane, set aside personal holdings after retirement in 1904 to establish the Crane Fund and Crane Fund for Widows and Children. Since 1914, these funds have grown and touched the lives of many through their donations supporting relief agencies, food banks, shelters, hospitals, family care centers, and many others that provide services for the welfare of those in need. In parallel, the Crane Foundation, established in 1951, makes charitable contributions for religious, educational and scientific purposes. The Crane Fund for Widows and Children and the Crane Foundation collectively disburses approximately $2 million annually to more than 400 charitable organizations and educational institutions around the world.