ClarkDietrich has partnered with the groundbreaking sample fulfillment service SwatchBox to bring sample provision into the modern age. Starting with the company’s Strait-Flex and vinyl drywall products, customers can request product samples directly from the ClarkDietrich website, which are then professionally packaged and shipped directly to their door after just a few simple clicks.

“By signing on as one of the first building products manufacturers to join with SwatchBox, ClarkDietrich is setting a new standard for fast and convenient product sampling and specification,” said Jake Reece, product manager for ClarkDietrich Finishing Systems. “It’s never been easier to select from a wide variety of our high-performance drywall finishing products to get the right material for any job.”

Owned and operated by a team of architects, SwatchBox combines software innovation with physical fulfillment to get building product samples in the hands of architects and designers quickly and easily. With patent-pending sample ordering technology and full-service fulfillment, design and packaging, SwatchBox provides a turnkey service for product manufacturers.

The SwatchBox platform allows architects and specifiers to create “shopping lists” of samples and sends out a personalized package with a guaranteed, 2-day shipping window.

SwatchBox also enables ClarkDietrich to integrate sample ordering with BIM (Building Information Modeling). Through direct integration with North America's leading BIM platform, BIMsmith, ClarkDietrich can now provide building professionals with product samples in the midst of the BIM design process—saving designers valuable time and further simplifying the specification process.

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