GC Products Inc. is announcing the launch of a new, visually focused website that allows users to better visualize the products and feel more engaged with the service.

GC Products Inc. is the nationwide leader in GFRG and Architectural GFRC manufacturing and design for indoor and outdoor architectural use. They manufacture columns, ceilings, domes, access panels, mouldings, and other GFRG and GFRC products used in architectural design.

But contractors are short on time, and the world has become increasingly visual - even more so with COVID-19 reducing the amount of in-person time that contractors spend connecting with GFRG providers. That's why GC Products Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, available
at www.GCProductsInc.com.

"We wanted to make sure that contractors could visualize our products and designs quickly" says Michael Coburn, VP of Sales at GC Products Inc. "We found that potential customers were spending more and more time on our site, looking for information. We wanted to craft a site that saves them time
while also increasing their engagement."

The new site uses a video header to show where products are manufactured. There is more engaging and informative case studies and sample products. It also goes into richer detail about some of GC Products' specialty products, including their access panels and shower niches.

"We know how important a website is as a way to vet the work of a GFRG or GFRC provider," says Michael, "websites may be considered primarily a marketing tool, but they are also an important part of establishing trust with those that are ordering our products. Our hope is that this new website will better communicate the value of both our services and GFRG/GFRC as materials, and why they should choose us to help them fabricate it."