Introducing True-Rule Technology, a new product innovation from Telling Industries. True-Rule Technology eliminates the need for a tape measure to field cut metal framing components saving valuable time and money.

Market Need:
•Some Metal Framing must be custom cut to length at the job site.
•The inaccuracy of stretching a tape measure across a metal framing component, marking it, then field cutting or track and stud layout can
lead to undesirable length variation and increased install time.
•If the length variation is too excessive, the field cut metal framing components may need to be scrapped and new pieces recut, resulting in higher material costs.

•Telling has a patent pending invention to add ruler marking to metal framing stud & track to simplify field cutting and wall layouts.
•The ruler markings will be permanently applied via etching/embossing.

Product Info:
•Readily Available on 30mil & 33mil Traditional Drywall Studs at no upcharge.
•The marking will be in ¼”, ½” &  1” increments.
•Available Upon Request for 18ga & 16ga Studs for a modest upcharge.
•Standard:  2ft of Etched Ruler Marking.
•Upon Request:  Etch Entire Length of Stud for a modest upcharge.
•Track is coming soon!

Watch the video here.