This striking home is located in Penn Township, which was named after Pennsylvania founder William Penn. CastleTop panels in three shades of green; Forest, Hemlock, and Patina, were used along with Dove Grey Grand C panels, to create this unique façade. This residence won first place in the residential walls category of ATAS International’s 2019 Project of the Year competition. Jeff Anderson, R.A. acted as both the architect and contractor for the project. The panels were purchased through Lezzer Lumber Company. 

CastleTop is a diamond-shaped flat shingle for a unique roof or wall appearance. It offers easy install with concealed fasteners. Different colors may be combined to create interesting patterns, as demonstrated on this home. The panels were manufactured out of .032 aluminum and are also available in copper or zinc. 

Grand C panels are manufactured in .032 aluminum and can be installed horizontally or vertically with exposed fasteners. They provide a rugged, urban-industrial aesthetic desired by many building owners and architects alike. Grand C panels are easily installed and the long-lasting, high-performance fasteners and accessories in matching colors are made to resist weathering and deterioration. Grand C panels can also be perforated, if desired.  Architects and owners are getting very creative with using multiple metal wall panel profiles on their projects, along with combining a variety of colors, panel orientation, and both solid and perforated panels.  

Jeff Anderson, R.A., stated, “Being a contractor and architect, I am aware of the increasing popularity of metal siding for accenting portions of a residential design, or even the entire skin. I like its unique look with clean lines and of course the no-maintenance advantage. I also like the ability to purchase siding materials in custom lengths to minimize overlaps/joints. The home still turns heads as people drive by. As far as challenges, I need to give credit to our daughter, Ruth, for the color selection and layout of the CastleTop panels. Any other questions I had were always quickly answered by our ATAS product rep, Phil Dorenkott. It has been a good experience throughout the entire process.”