The SMA Board of Directors wants to introduce the new Stucco Manufacturers Association Training and Certification Program(s). This program has been over two years in the making and is now online. This is a free event and open to all Stucco Industry people!

This is a live program with selections from the training modules with a live Q&A. 

Date: November 04, 2020

Time: 11AM PST

Zoom Link:

The Program has been reviewed by various experts and well received. James F. Carnes Sr. from the U.S. Department of Labor said, "This is great, I hope stucco contractors will get more interested in apprenticeship, I like the SMA modules, they are perfect for RTI delivery.”


Why do we need this? First, it is still a free country, and no one will force you to anything against your will. But most seem to agree, we do not have the training programs required, and while these may not be perfect, they are a good start.

Stucco market share grew and then suffered a setback with leaky buildings. Of course, all buildings leaked, but stucco was an easy target for litigation. Not all regions of the country were impacted equally, nor are the after-effects the same. Why?

  • Stucco is easy to attack because it is site fabricated.
  • Stucco has more variables than other claddings.
  • The industry has lacked a collective voice and fragmented.
  • We have some bad actors out there. And since low bid is king, they can continue.
  • Codes and standards are changing fast, making it hard to keep up.

The result is stucco is the easiest cladding to attack and hard to defend with mixed messages, codes changing as fast you can blink. The workers in the field hardly stand a chance, as well as the supervisors.

The SMA set out to help with one voice, acknowledging regional allowances for the industry and a solid defense plan. The SMA has put the modules (classes) on the new SMA YouTube channel. Clicking like and subscribing helps the SMA and the industry be a collective voice. The first step is simply a couple of clicks that cost us nothing; we hope you start there to help our industry.

Modules 1-5: Lath & Plaster

The SMA Online Video Training has five 30-minute training modules on lath and plastering. Modules 1 and 2 are lathing, 3 is material, and 4 and 5 are plastering. It is NOT merely code memorization; these are trade tips for the workers in the field. The SMA believes it is critical that trade workers understand the WHY. Why lap housewraps/paper to flashing and how? Why you should counter flash kick-outs? Why hard float the brown coat? We also include trade tips, such as cutting casing beads more efficiently, improving production using the hawk and trowel, and how to cut angles in wet cement plaster. Module 4 covers the plaster pumps, different types, how they work, and tips on using these production masters. Module 5 covers the finish coat. Focus is devoted to doing a quality smooth trowel cement finish.

Overall, these modules will be great for those getting started in lathing and plastering as well as seasoned pros. They are all free to the public on the Stucco Manufacturers Association YouTube channel and on our website.

For those wanting a training card to verify taking the class, the SMA can offer a picture card with an SMA registration # after passing a 50-question test on the website. The processing fee is $75 per test. If a person wants to take lath and plaster (100 questions), the fee is $100. We allow a person, should they fail, to re-take the test at no extra charge, but they must wait 30 days. The courses passed are listed on the back of the card.

Module 6: Supervision

This is the SUPERVISOR course. The Supervisor course includes Modules 1 through 5. Module 6 (Supervisor) includes a manual for lath and plaster supervisors and is the gateway to certifications. This course material covers leadership skills, documentation of events, building science, and how to use SMA technical bulletins to do better stucco and protect the building owner and the contractor. Supervisor training/education has never been available to the stucco industry. The course material has been vetted by experts in defect litigation, building science, and leadership skills, with a focus on lath and plastering. Module 6 is the gateway to SMA Contractor Certification.

SMA Contractor Certification

The first requirement of the SMA Contractor Certification is to have an SMA supervisor on staff. The process verifies the leadership has been trained and educated on lath and plaster. A contractor can send an employee or take the test themselves. If the SMA supervisor leaves, certification will follow that supervisor. Contractors should consider who they want to have approved. SMA Contractor Certification requires being in business for over two years with verifiable references and includes a background check. Approval is by the SMA Board of Directors, and the board can revoke certification. The cost is $500 for SMA members. However, to thank our contractor members, the SMA offers to put the $500 certification fee toward your next year’s annual dues. This essentially means it costs current SMA contractor members nothing to get certified. It is the board of directors saying thank you for supporting the program and the SMA. Upon approval by the SMA board, the contractor can use the “Certified” logo on letterhead, equipment, or other approved places. An SMA letter will be sent to verify you are SMA certified that you could use to submit with bids. Certification demonstrates your company is a step above the competition. Because the low bid is not a fair selection process. Non-SMA members can become certified for $1495.