In celebration of WIC Week, the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) is proud to recognize women in leadership positions in the EIFS industry. Each day this week, EIMA will highlight a female leader from within its membership.

Featuring Barbara Catlow

  • Channel Manager
  • Dryvit Systems, Inc., part of the Tremco Construction Products Group
  • Chair, EIMA Communications and Education Committee
  • Member, EIMA Membership Committee

How long have you worked in the construction industry? I have been in my current position for 1 ½ years, and have been in the industry almost 38 years.

What do you like about working in the construction industry? It is great to be part of a industry that leaves such a lasting, physical footprint on the community. Everyone can relate to a building, whether it is a place we live in, work in, shop in or just walk by. To play a role in the construction of such important structures is truly enjoyable.

What changes have you seen in the role of women in the construction industry over the years? When I first joined this industry in 1983, there were very few women outside the office. Today, women play key roles in every area including manufacturing, R&D, marketing, sales, architecture, engineering, contracting and more. Seeing a woman in those roles is no longer a rare occurrence, but rather an expected one.

What advice would you offer a woman considering a career in the construction industry? Dive in! Be confident in your area of expertise, enjoy what you do and lead the next generation of young women into the construction industry.