Modular construction is growing in popularity, and for good reason. As building material delays push back your project timelines, and as labor shortages make it difficult to get the hands you need on-site, modular wall system manufacturers are delivering the convenient, professional solution you need. Here are just a few of the reasons more contractors like you are choosing modular wall systems:

Modular Wall Systems Offers Faster Delivery Times

Contractors everywhere are struggling to stick to project timelines while building material and lumber delays continue to push schedules back. Modular walls provide a faster solution. With quick-ship options and prefabricated components, modular wall systems help you get all the products you need, exactly when you need them.

Faster Installation & Project-Build-Out

Contractors are constantly working to make sure they have the right number of hands on-site. From scheduling crews to be on-site when building materials arrive to coordinating subcontractors and trade experts, there’s a lot to keep track of, and it doesn’t always happen on schedule. What’s more, when you opt for traditional construction, once your materials arrive on-site, you still have to build that office or commercial building from scratch. That means many hands and a lot of time.

Modular wall systems remove a great deal of the waiting and the scheduling. Contractors who opt for modular wall solutions receive their project as a complete kit. The entire build, from wall panels to the ceiling, modular electrical wiring, and even windows and doors arrive at the same time.

From there, installation is simple. Modular wall components are easily fastened into place.

Modular electrical components, including pre-wired electrical panels, eliminate the need to schedule costly trade subcontractors. Simply assemble the project, hook it up, and you’ve delivered — on time and on budget.

Modular Construction Means Minimal Impact on Your Client

Every contractor’s goal is to deliver the project their client wants, with as little disruption to the client’s schedule as possible. By opting for modular wall systems, you can present a more competitive bid, and complete your project with minimal impact on the client.

Modular components are built and assembled off-site, which means there’s minimal site prep. Your client can continue with business as usual, right up to the point when materials are delivered. And, because modular wall system projects arrive as complete kits, you have everything you need to get installation underway and complete the project in days, not weeks.

On average, modular wall system projects are 75% faster to erect than conventional construction projects. That’s 75% less time your clients are waiting on you, and 75% more time they can spend enjoying the brand new building you’ve delivered.

Modular Construction Contributes to Reduced Waste

Modular wall system projects are made to order. That means there are no cost overruns, no excess material, and nothing to return when the project is over. When every component you need (and nothing more) arrives ready to install, you can forget renting huge dumpsters to discard project waste, and you can bid for projects with confidence, without having to leave room in the budget for wasted components. Reduced waste means reduced cost, giving you the edge when competing for projects.

Deliver a High-Quality Product With Modular Wall Systems

When you win projects based on the quality of your work, you need to guarantee that the projects you deliver are built with high-quality materials. Some worry that pre-manufactured components can’t deliver the same level of durability and structure as something that’s built on-site.

In fact, the opposite is true. Modular components are precision-engineered in highly controlled manufacturing facilities and designed to be load-bearing. Manufacturers like Starrco use quality steel and extruded aluminum components both of which include powder-coated paint finish, commercial-grade steel and wooden doors, and sleek, professional vinyl covered drywall panels (Class A, tested in accordance to ASTM-E-2768) to deliver a finished product that is as solid as it is attractive.

This level of attention to detail ensures that contractors who choose modular construction maintain a competitive edge. When you deliver a faster, more efficient build that looks professional and performs just as well, if not better, than a traditionally constructed project, you gain the confidence of your clients. That means more referrals from their positive experience and even more projects with that client in the future.