To complement this issue’s theme, we ran a nationwide search to find the Top 25 Ceiling Contractors for 2021. For several years now, we have presented who we believe are some of the best contractors in this country. 

Our goal was to research and reach out to ceiling contractors throughout the country to ask them about their companies. So many have great stories to tell and have an impressive business model well in place. Without a doubt, North America has a great spread of contractors from east to west that do quality ceiling work. 

With the help of W&C staff and its editorial advisory board—most notably Jason Gordon of Heartland Acoustics and Interiors—we selected who we feel are among the best and most ambitious ceiling contractors in the U.S. We look forward to seeing how this list will grow annually and to see what other exciting contractors will put their name to the fold. 

We appreciate all those that were involved to help make this list relevant.