Not all gypsum board waste can be recycled. On top of that, some landfill operators and municipalities, due to a shortage of landfill space, are no longer accepting gypsum waste of any kind. According to, "Gypsum wallboard is one of the largest waste components in residential construction. The United States produces approximately 15 million tons of new drywall per year. Approximately 12 percent of new construction drywall is wasted during installation." So, enter the I-Clip. The Infinity Clip, otherwise known as the I-Clip, is a system created to reduce the cost of labor and material wastes while revolutionizing drywall installation in hopes to eliminate material waste in landfills. It's goal is to utilize much of the drywall panel as possible.


  • Allows for "perfect" wall alignment at butt joints
  • No tools required for installation
  • Eliminates bulging, cracking and ridging
  • Reduces labor and waste disposal
  • Causes no obstruction for insulation, electric conduit, piping, etc.
  • No need to measure the halfway mark to cut drywall; product decreases measuring and cutting time
  • Device acts as a helper when installing in-ceiling applications
  • Eliminates excess drywall on jobsite thus creating a safer jobsite
  • Overall high quality job with the most expediency for today's needs
  • Will also be available in vinyl and aluminum alloy.

The I-Clip is patented and seeking commercialization. Be sure to subscribe to Walls & Ceilings eNewsletters so you know when you can purchase the I-Clip. 

For more information on the I-Clip please reach out to Robert Marinucci at or 949-491-3322.