For the past two years, Todd Brady, inventor of Slotted Track and ProX Header and current Founder and Chief Business Officer of Hyperframe Inc., along with Jay Cady, Chief Technology Officer of Hyperframe, and Ken Sobel, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperframe, have been working on a revolutionary metal framing system called Hyperframe. Hyperframe is a steel framing system that snaps together. It's faster, safer, easier, and as simple as snap, click, built.

Hyperframe is going public at the Industrial Grade Innovation Startup Battle, which takes place next week in St. Louis, MO. The first round of voting is virtual, and they need your help to advance to the next stage!

You can watch a video that Hyperframe produced especially for you here.

Then, cast your vote for Hyperframe here.

By clearing this round, Hyperframe will get the opportunity to present to the Association of Union Contractors, which include hundreds of progressive contractors from around the US. It's an amazing opportunity for them to meet new customers. And of course, they plan to win!

Theie secondary goal is to advance to Round 3, where Hyperframe will be judged by a panel of VCs who have the capability to invest in Hyperframe.

To be the champion of the Industrial Grade Innovation Expo would give Hyperframe the recognition and approval from The Association of Union Contractors. This would be great to show the industry that the contractors unions are fully engaged and support technologies and products that promote better safety, quality and production, which in-turn enhances the unions position in the industry.

Please vote by the end of the week to make it count!