Caterpillar is known for its machine innovation and equipment technology and services. Leveraging those core business offerings, Caterpillar partnered with Hot Wheels to bring the power of play to life through Cat's latest video, Trial 11: Hot Wheels.

The partnership between Caterpillar and Hot Wheels, the number one toy manufacturer in the world, was built to recognize that the power of play is transformative. Specifically, to inspire current and future students to nurture the very important traits of innovation and creativity, securing the future pipeline to several key industries.

As highlighted in Cat Trial 11, STEM education allows students to see firsthand how educational skills can be applied to real-life work. This learning style emphasizes the connection between the educational content students are learning in the classroom with its relevant application in the industry.

"Our partnership with Hot Wheels demonstrates how science, technology, engineering and math are not only important but fun. The power of play ignites the imagination and allows students to explore possibilities," said Caterpillar Chief Technology Officer Karl Weiss. "That's what our more than 11,000 Caterpillar engineers and technologists do every day – develop innovative solutions that help our customers succeed. Continuing this pace of innovation requires more students to pursue STEM careers."

Caterpillar believes in the tangible connection between children who imagine and adults who innovate. In particular, students who foster innovation and creativity within a STEM program will be even more prepared to approach and solve the biggest challenges that impact the construction, mining, energy and transportation industries in the future.

"From concept and design to engineering and on-site testing, Hot Wheels and Cat recognize that STEM education is undoubtedly the most critical component of vehicle design at every scale and for every purpose," said Roberto Stanichi, SVP and Global Head of Hot Wheels at Mattel. "Our latest partnership highlights the mental confidence that the principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics can instill on future generations of innovators, who will transform our world and how we move within it in ways we have yet to imagine."

As part of Cat Trial 11, Caterpillar continues to focus its resources to encourage engineering and technology skills, while cultivating an environment where innovation is rewarded and can flourish.

Organizations that Caterpillar currently partners with include: FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the American Society of Materials International (ASM), amongst others.

The Caterpillar Foundation, launched in 1952, is committed to drive sustainable progress through action, investments and partnerships to build resilient communities and equip individuals and communities with the skills, resources and services they need to prosper.

Support from the Caterpillar Foundation helps partners Discovery Education, United Nations GirlUp's STEM for Social Good Bootcamps, The Boys and Girls Club of America and the National AfterSchool Association to create an empowered, prepared and skilled workforce through STEM and skilled trade career education, enabling the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers and leaders to emerge.