UL has announced a new numbering system for firestop systems and fire-resistive joint systems. Two categories are moving from a 4-digit System Number (C-AJ-2999) to a 5-digit System Number (Example, C-AJ-20000). It’s not a massive change or overhaul, but it’s important to understand to avoid confusion and ensure proper system selection and analysis – proving continued value of a Qualified Firestop Contractor.

FCIA is with you during this change. Resources to help FCIA Members understand the change are posted on FCIA’s Technical Resources Page, and UL’s Resources Page. Also, check out this link too: UL Numbering Systems for Penetration Firestop Systems and Joint Systems.

The Details

What System Numbers Are Affected?

At this time, the C-AJ-2000 series of Through-Penetration Firestop Systems and the HW-D-0000 series of Joint Systems are nearing their end of available system numbers in UL’s Product iQ database. Changes will take effect for them in the near future. Other applicable numbering systems will be altered as needed in the future.

  • Each UL Numbering Series currently has 999 system numbers available
    • C-AJ-2000 series 
      • Most recently published system is C-AJ-2923 
      • Highest available number currently is C-AJ-2999 
    • HW-D-0000 series 
      • Most recently published system is HW-D-0944
      • Highest available number currently is HW-D-0999 

How Does This Affect Existing System Numbers?

It doesn’t. UL is not changing any existing system numbers because they are referenced in many locations - customer websites, literature, submittals, labels, and other publications.

What Will Happen in the Future?

Moving forward, when any 4 digit numbering series runs out of system numbers, UL will:

  • Expand the series numbering from four to five digits for new systems; and,
  • Keep the leading digit (1xxxx, 2xxxx, 3xxxx, etc.) the same so that searching for a system in UL’s Product iQ stays consistent with current numbering; and will
  • Still recognize and identify the type of penetrant, size of joint, or other information indicated by the existing number.

UL has already completed the technology updates to support the existing four-digit numbers and the enhanced five-digit system numbers so that searches in UL’s Product iQ will continue to work properly.