In response to the growing demand for sustainable, loose-fill insulation products, The Knauf Group, has increased production capabilities at its Albion, Michigan plant. Through a multi-million dollar investment to convert an idle production line, Knauf Insulation North America will increase production volume in Albion by more than 30 percent while adding 34 new full-time positions to the facility. The production line is expected to generate over 85 million pounds of loose-fill insulation annually at full capacity.
“Our Albion workforce is primed and ready to keep pace with the growing demand for quality loose-fill insulation products,” said Matt Parrish, President and CEO of Knauf Insulation North America. “Loose-fill insulation is more popular than ever with thermal and acoustical performance top of mind for building professionals.”
In line with the company’s focus on sustainability, the expansion will utilize an additional 64 million pounds of recycled glass per year, recovered in part through the state of Michigan’s Bottle Deposit Law. Currently, more than 30 million glass bottles per month are diverted from landfills to be utilized in the manufacturing of Knauf Insulation products nationwide. Once produced, the insulation products go on to save energy for decades to come in energy-efficient homes and buildings in Michigan and across the country.
“Our dedication to the world we live in is genuine, and the Albion plant growth is a true demonstration of that commitment,” Parrish said. “From reducing our own carbon footprint and sourcing renewable, abundant resources for our energy-saving insulation, to encouraging our employees to make a difference in their local communities, our commitment is ever present and something that we are extremely proud of.”

In September, The Knauf Group announced a new 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility in McGregor, Texas, making it the company’s seventh plant in the United States. Expected to be fully operational in late 2023, the facility will produce over 500 million pounds of loose-fill, batt and roll insulation annually.