Steve Farkas, director of business development with CEMCO, sat down with WC for a long-overdue conversation.

Farkas gives us the latest news with CEMCO and how they have changed their business model within the past two years, such as changing the way they do business to more national level based relationships opposed to regional or local.

“Because of the changes within the domestic steel mill having dropped a lot of capacity…has really caused us to strengthen our bonds with domestic steel manufacturers,” Farkas said.

In the midst of the current economic conditions, Farkas says CEMCO is focused on strengthening and building relationships and technological advancements in software.

Without giving away any secrets, Farkas shares with listeners what they can look forward to from CEMCO. He talks developing and altering product lines, trends he’s seen throughout his time in the industry, and how those give him an insight into the future of the industry.

And what does Farkas/CEMCO think the next decade of the construction industry looks like? Unfortunately, they foresee the labor shortage continuing to be a huge pressure.

“What we have seen as an initial response is an increase in panelization, modular type building…requiring a lot less labor on the jobsite.”

You can look forward to seeing Farkas and the rest of the CEMCO team at INTEX this April in Texas.

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