Nathan Kimmel Company has been recertified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). Owned and operated by Carol Kimmel Schary for over 26 years, NKC remains one of the few WBEs in the construction industry. NKC is the construction industry's number one national and international provider of fireproofing spray equipment, tarps, material handling equipment, hose and nozzle assemblies.

As a WBE, NKC can enhance the businesses of General, Plastering, and Fireproofing Contractors who engage in an array of private, federal, state, and local government contracts. Working with NKC can bolster a contractor's ability to maintain or surpass required levels of WBE spending, which can
potentially translate into significant tax savings or credits for WBE-subcontracted work. NKC can help improve ROI and offers more flexibility and agility in comparison to larger suppliers.

NKC is also certified as a small & local business in the city of Los Angeles.