MAREK Bros. is a collective company of skilled tradesmen and women that perform an array of services such as installing drywall, acoustical ceilings, fabric panels, stretch wall systems, and BIM. They are with their customers every step of the way—from initial project planning and design, to providing the framework for building and completing the project with those last minute finishes—it’s what they’re all about.

“We regard quality as the standard for all aspects of our work. Our skilled craftsmen use only the finest national brand products and advanced techniques to ensure the job is done right the first time—every time,” says Division President John Hinson.

“We employ an in-house quality control department to inspect the job at each critical stage and back our workmanship with a quality guarantee. With more than 80 years of attention to detail, a MAREK job always meets the highest standard to give your project strength from within.”

The company was started by its original founders Bill, John and Ralph Marek in 1938.



Close to a Century

Originally founded more than 80 years ago as a drywall business, MAREK immediately began shaping the industry with the way it purchased, delivered and installed drywall in the market. Through the company’s strong industry relationships, it has since diversified as a large company with a variety of product offerings. The contractor has always thrived on the motto, “See the need; fill the need.”

According to its Division President John Hinson, the company’s bread-and-butter has always been drywall and acoustical ceilings. Its Special Projects Departments is now meeting contractor’s needs by offering painting, fireproofing/firestopping, and window treatments.

MAREK currently employs more than 1,700 people throughout its offices in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia.




The company has seen a lot of change in business recently. In the words of Hinson, “Not only have we seen the landscape change as the years pass by; we’ve seen growth in technology, knowledge and skilled labor.”

The contractor continues to have a steady workflow and backlog.

“We are blessed to continue our success with a great team and with great clients,” says Hinson.

To him, the most interesting part of the job is creating careers for its staff. In his words, watching the construction industry adjust to the changing climate, and the pride that comes from seeing it done successfully, are the most satisfying aspects.

For Hinson, the hardest aspect of the job is finding applicants to try out for the team. The labor shortage has impacted the company, as it has with many other companies looking for qualified labor.

“Our outlook continues to remain strong. We have a workforce that is knowledgeable, hardworking and willing to meet the challenges ahead of them.”

In conclusion, Hinson says: "Our company’s long-term goals are no accident; we’re the preferred contractor of choice, and it's the best place to work."

Project Profile


Project Name: Globe Life Field

Architect: HKS  

Owner: Texas Rangers/City of Arlington, Texas

General Contractor: Manhattan Construction Co.

Globe Life Field was built as a public-private partnership between the City of Arlington and the Texas Rangers. The $1.2 billion ballpark, which opened in 2020, not only serves as the team’s new home, but also as a multipurpose sports and entertainment venue.

Two firms trusted with building the original stadium that opened in 1994 spearheaded this iconic project: HKS Inc. (design architect) and Manhattan Construction Company (construction manager).

The scope of the project was exterior framing, drywall and ceilings, manual and motorized shades, stretched fabric walls and ceilings, metal room dividers, custom metal draperies, metal curtains, exterior shades, leather tiles, and leather panels.

Being a baseball stadium, the project consisted of mostly deck-high walls with a lot of open-to-structure spaces.

“Many of the interior finishes throughout the project were designed with a baseball theme in mind. For example, within the locker room, our team furnished and installed custom built acoustical fabric panels that look just like a baseball. The panels were wrapped with white leather fabric and along each panel joint there is red stitching, just like the seams on a baseball,” Hinson says.

For this project, Armstrong Ceiling panels were used in office space and surrounding areas.