By now you’ve heard about the latest and greatest from Hilti: Nuron. Which means you know that Nuron launched with over 70 tools, which is pretty great. But with so many tools, where do walls and ceilings contractors get started?

Matt Jackson, senior director of marketing at Hilti, caught up with W&C to talk about just that. Jackson highlights specific tools from Nuron that walls and ceilings contractors can start incorporating into their jobsites. 

“We love to work with the wall and ceiling industry to provide a breadth of tools and consumables to meet their needs,” Jackson says. 

These are tools such as the SID 6-22 impact driver, and a new battery nailer—the BX 3. “The BX 3 is amazing for framing applications and being able to get the job done,” Jackson says.

In addition to that, Nuron launched the SCO 6-22 drywall cut-out tool. Which according to Jackson, is a great tool for those smaller cut-out needs such as outlets and lighting. 

For those contractors looking for tools to help keep your jobsite nice and tidy, Nuron features backpack vacuums that actually support dust management, such as the VC 140-2-22. 

“What we are also going to offer is something the industry has never seen before. It’s a brand new angle grinder that features new SensTech,” Jackson says. 

For those of you who don’t remember what SensTech does, it’s a technology used in Nuron’s platform that prevents users from injuring themselves if they drop a tool. Here’s how it works: If a contractor drops a tool, or jerks it in a direction it doesn’t normally go in during an application, the tool shuts off. That’s right. It just shuts off! Walls & Ceilings experienced the SensTech technology first hand while in Liechtenstein.

Tune in to hear more about Nuron tools for the wall and ceiling contractor. You can also listen to the podcast here, or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.