For someone like Steve Smithwick, Founder and President of Master Wall Inc., who has been in the construction industry since the ‘80s, he has seen the construction industry adapt right before his very eyes. When he started, there was a push to be energy efficient and the majority of the projects were residential. Now, he says, residential is a very small part of Master Wall’s business today. 

Industry Influencer Steve Smithwick sat down with Publisher Jill Bloom and Editor John Wyatt to talk about Master Wall’s business in the beginning, how it has adapted over the years, how the recent pandemic has changed how they do business and Master Wall’s Trade Show schedule for the rest of the year. He tells our team about the culture of Master Wall and how they strive to be intentional, where he started, how his family has grown to the point where he and his wife are seriously considering an addition, how coaching basketball helped him be a boss (not just a dad) to all four of his children when they started working at Master Wall, and chicken farming. You wouldn’t believe the different colored eggs chickens lay! And who is that adorable bulldog that serves as Master Wall’s mascot? Well, that’s Darby.

Watch now or listen to the podcast here.