The Environment Protection Agency is considering classifying discarded PVC, a common and popular staple in low slope roof installations, as a hazardous material. As they usually do, an EPA ruling could have an enormous impact on recycling efforts and overall operations on many roofing jobsites around the country. 

Construction professionals – and their trade associations – are getting vocal with their concerns over any change that would impact waste management protocols on jobsites. There’s also secondary concerns about creating additional risk and insurance liability for PVC use, and some fear the unknown impact this could all have on an already battered supply chain. 

“There are so many products that have PVC in their makeup,” said WC Legal Insights expert Trent Cotney, of Adams & Reese. “If this is designated hazardous material, it requires special precautions.”

Learn more about the NRCA’s hazardous waste program here.

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