In this special episode of If Walls Could Talk, Group Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Anna Anderson, about the importance of databases. The CEO of Art Unlimited, Anderson talks about different ways to reach new customers and how to retain and maintain existing ones.

What does everyone need to know?

“There’s so many opportunities [that everyone needs to know]. You really want to create more great customers that you have in the arsenal,” says Anderson. “Ask that marketing team if they are leveraging that past customer list.”

Although that’s good, pause and slow down and ask, “These are the customers that know and love us. We need to make more of them. Exporting that data in and beginning to put marketing strategies in place around that, that’s where the gold really begins to form,” she says. 

What are some great ideas of content that they should be putting out there?

“Identify who your customers look like. Creating some profile around who that golden customer is—once you begin to do that—is a great opportunity. If you’re not actively cultivating that, you should be.”