“New Standards and Tools to Update Your Air Barrier Specifications” is a live webinar airing on Oct. 5 at 2 p.m. EDT. The webinar is sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America and will be presented by Ryan Dalgleish.

The presentation will review some of the tools available in regards to specifying different levels of building airtightness above code-mandated minimums. These tools help assess the energy reduction from base levels of building airtightness and the corresponding financial savings, along with quantification of the impacts airtightness has on moisture movement transported by air leakage.

A look into changes to building codes and whole building airtightness test methods, with new test methods and standards to update your specifications, along with information on the ABAA quality assurance program, how to specify the program properly and exactly what the program entails.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Through a review of the air barrier calculator, determine the energy and financial savings obtained by higher level of airtightness and how it impacts the project specifications.
  2. Define new test standards for whole building airtightness testing, adhesion testing and other performance test methods for air barrier materials.
  3. Define requirements for quality assurance and control and typical downfalls of specification language, along with steps that can be taken to improve installation of the air/water resistive barrier.
  4. Outline new tools that can be used to benchmark construction details and specifications.

Register for the webinar here.