Power Home Remodeling donated over 366,000 goods, ranging from food to personal care items, and provided over 1,200 volunteer hours to deserving nonprofits across the country for their annual Power of Giving initiative. This year’s monumental donation is a 384 percent increase compared to 2021.

Spearheaded by Power Home Remodeling’s Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Initiative every November, the philanthropic initiative mobilizes employees to share their prosperity with underserved communities in their respective city through donating various goods and providing volunteer time throughout the holiday season. In its sixth year, employees collected more goods and volunteered more hours than any other year.

Each one of Power Home Remodeling’s 18 regional offices is allowed to select a nonprofit of their choice to benefit from the drive — one that aligns with the company’s values or even one that has once served a fellow Power Home Remodeling employee during a difficult time in their life.

“At Power, our corporate social responsibility is not just about signing a check,” said Olumidé Cole, Power Home Remodeling’s National Director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion. “Through Power of Giving, we’re able to drive more meaningful and localized social impact in the communities. The success of this program is a testament to the goodwill and compassion of every single one of our employees.”

In an effort to expand their impact, Power Home Remodeling decided to up the ante for the annual give-back program. The territory that earned the most points through items collected and volunteer hours received $10,000 to donate to their partner nonprofit.

Power Home Remodeling’s Chester, Pennsylvania-based headquarters was crowned the winning office, donating over 86,000 essential items and the $10,000 grant to Cityteam — an organization dedicated to helping community members impacted by homelessness through providing hot meals, groceries, shelter, housing and restorative programs, learning and career help, and much more.

Since 2017, the Power of Giving program has donated over 700,000 items and provided over 2,500 hours of volunteer time to nonprofits across the country.