Cyber security is a major issue today. Scammers use digital means of targeting both small and large companies in a manner that might resemble something familiar. But watch out!

In this episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” W&C Group Publisher Jill Bloom is joined by Thea Dudley, CEO Of Pocket Protectors LLC.

There is nothing more important than cyber security. When it comes to all our industries, what do we need to know?

Dudley outlines the two types of tech used to procure/steal from people:
• Low Tech
• High Tech

As Dudley explains, check washing is back with us again. That low tech method is where one can “check wash” currency (where you wash the money and put it back out on the market). But the cyber thieves steal checks and sell on the dark web. So, pushing people to use more hyper security measures, payment portals or digital platform is much more secure. That helps solve the low tech issue.

“Pushing people to use a digital platform, whether you’re paying bills or waiting for bills to come, that’s more secure,” she says.

But cyber crime is another issue and some companies, if not properly outfitted with proper web-based security, get hacked. But it’s not just larger companies getting hacked—smaller companies are also susceptible. Watch out for their deceit.

Dudley recommends using an authenticator. If there is an attachment that comes in that is suspicious, watch out. In addition, be on the look-out for emails from a “company” you may use; the high tech hackers can send emails that suggest an alternate method of payment. Watch out for these.

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