At this year’s BUILD23, W&C Group Publisher spoke with EIMA’s Executive Director Stephen Sears the association’s goals, what it means to be a part of EIMA and this year’s event in California.

“We’ve adopted a new plan, a new governing structure,” said Sears. “One of the things we want to do is become one of the most effective associations we can be. I was talking to IIBEC because one of the roles that we’re going to be playing is working with others on issues of common interest. IIBEC’s Executive Director was kind enough to invite me to speak to their BOD and asked me to give an overview of EIMA and the EIFS industry.”

Sears does have an interesting background. Right out of college, he worked for the George H. W. Bush Administration (aka Bush 41) for Labor in their policy office. “I was young but a lot of us in the Bush administration have kept in touch. I had the opportunity to speak with and at an IIBEC event because I knew one of the folks that was a former ambassador. He asked me to see the President’s Post-Presidential office in Houston. I was thrilled to see the artifacts, photographs, materials there. They’ve restored to the way it was.” 

Why are relationships important? 

“EIMA is not a huge organization but we also represent the major manufacturers in the industry and in order to get things done you have to work with others,” he said. “You have to have an ecosystem that is effective. You never know when it’s going to come in play. You don’t have to have common interests on everything but on issues of mutual importance.”

And what is the one reason contractors should join EIMA? 

According to Sears, he said a contractor that has a vested interest in a viable EIFS industry, now is the perfect time to join because you’ll be on the ground floor of what he calls “EIMA 2.0.” The association’s new committee structure welcomes members as participants and they can help chart the future course of the industry. Now’s the time.


What are the benefits? Why should contractors make time? What will contractors get in return?

“Well you have a chance to be on our board,” Sears said. “You have a chance to interact with leaders of the industry. If you want to know a chance to know what’s going on, you can read about it in the post. But it’s a lot more important and impactful.” 


The EIMA Annual Event is held this year April 26-27 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort in Palm Springs, Calif. For more information, visit EIMA Events | EIMA.