Walls & Ceilings Group Publisher Jill Bloom spoke with Scott Montgomery at this year’s BUILD23 Trade Show & Expo in Las Vegas. Montgomery, the owner/CEO/President Drywall by Design, is a drywall contractor out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has “dabbled” in all sorts of drywall work—from new construction to renovations to custom homes to drywall art. He specializes in ceiling refinishing. But for some time now, he’s also moved into Instagram content creation, known as an “influencer.”

What did Montgomery see that he liked at this year’s BUILD23 on the show floor?

“The first thing that caught my eye right away was the RevealCut. This is a cutting tool for ceiling tiles. Cutting tegular tiles is tricky. The tile I like to use is all tegular and I have to cut those reveals. Usually you have a razor knife to try and cut those reveals—this tool just takes the process to one swipe/two swipes and you’re done—all perfectly squared and clean cuts. You can train someone in no time how to use it.”

He also cites an accessory for a new drywall cut-out tool from DeWALT. “You can cut dustless with a tiny vacuum. I like dustless and my whole system is dustless.”

He also remarked on the HILTI EXO-S Shoulder Exoskelton. “I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. You put it on like a backpack and then it straps to your arms and it helps give you more lift. As soon as you get your arms up, it takes some of the weight/fatigue off.” This is a game changer in ergonomics that helps the more seasoned drywallers.  

When asked what are the types of videos that get the most hits from his Instagram account, Montgomery says that most people like the gidgets and gadgets. But the one that sticks out for him was when he showcased the Goldblatt Blade Runner—a tool that allows one to cut both sides of drywall simultaneously using magnets to guide bottom cut. Cut curves, corners, shapes, and straight lines with ease. For this post, Montgomery said he got around two million hits.

What do you find that people need the most education on? 

“Trying new things. Automatic tools, things like the dustless tool. But some people don’t commit to learning new tools and technologies. Up your game a little bit.”

You can follow Montgomery’s posts on Instagram at @drywallbydesign.