Perhaps the biggest change to the insulation industry this year has been the Inflation Reduction Act’s Section 25C tax credit, and all top insulators should know how this will affect their business. This new legislation provides a tax credit of 30 percent of the project cost (excluding the cost of on-site labor), up to $1,200, for qualifying energy-efficient home improvements, like upgrading insulation.

Any homeowner is eligible for this if they are making improvements to their primary residence. By running the numbers for your clients and revealing these big savings to them, you will be able to attract more business.

ICAA has made calculating your client’s savings simple with its new Insulation Tax Credit Calculator. You can find a link to it directly on the ICAA homepage. With just a few clicks, you’ll see how much your client will save on a project – no need to get out a pen and paper. ICAA has even provided answers to frequently asked questions about the 25C tax credit, helping you efficiently convey technical information to your clients in an easy-to-understand way.

Another way ICAA is helping you to build your brand is by referring homeowners to ICAA member contractors based on the state entered into the calculator. This feature is helpful when homeowners use the calculator on their own and are looking to identify local contractors. By generating a list of contractors in their state, the calculator provides a vetted database from which homeowners can find trusted partners. It is also a great way to get more visibility and promotion of your business.

The savings from retrofitting have never been better, and ICAA is here to help you maximize your clients’ tax credits.