For nearly 75 years, the MCAA has served as a focal point for the $33 billion masonry industry by connecting and empowering business decision-makers around the country. As the association expands upon existing efforts, it will also develop new offerings to cement the MCAA’s place for the next seven decades and beyond. One of these offerings, aimed at masonry industry suppliers, will be the Masonry Alliance Program.

The program, which will open for availability in the summer, will go into effect in January 2024. It is designed to provide world-class, relationship-based immersion for industry suppliers. Items like event attendance, sponsorships, advertising and partnering with the MCAA on industry research will not be available outside of the Alliance Program.

“The Masonry Alliance Program leverages nearly all of the MCAA’s efforts to help position our Alliance members as thought leaders within the industry,” said Jeff Buczkiewicz, president and CEO. “The primary objective is to facilitate meaningful relationships between companies and contractors. At the same time, suppliers will receive unprecedented and unparalleled exposure and service.”

As part of the program, a new MCAA staff member will be responsible for managing operations and relationships with Alliance Members.

“This new format streamlines our relationship with suppliers and, as far as we know, is a first-of-its-kind offering for any industry,” added Todd Fredrick, director of development. “Rather than focusing on recruiting suppliers for members, creating advertising Insertion Orders and soliciting sponsorships, we can focus on working together to make a greater impact on the industry.”

Alliance Program specifics and availability will first be offered to current MCAA Strategic and Corporate Partners, then rolled out to all MCAA Supplier Members and the larger pool of industry manufacturers and providers.

The MCAA will soon launch a dedicated Alliance Program promotional deck and accompanying website to provide more information for those not currently in active discussions about the program.