Turner Construction Co. paused work on 1,500 projects around the world on May 1 to hold its annual company-wide Safety Stand-Down. A safety stand-down is when a company and/or person stops work to gather and deliberately discuss personal well-being and how we will stay safe.

This year, the theme is “Strong Voices, Safe Choices.” For Turner Construction to build strong teams who work safely, everyone needs to have strong voices to make safe choices. It takes every person, everywhere, every day to keep everyone safe and cared for.

The Stand-Down began events that continue throughout Industry Safety Week. Crew leaders will discuss and encourage recognition of safety hazards, brain and mind wellness, and building strong teams who work safely. Turner Construction will also reinforce the importance of everyone taking action to impact the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

“As we continue to reinforce the importance of dignity and respect for others, workers are more comfortable talking about their own mental health and physical well-being,” said Cindy DePrater, senior vice president. “We also want everyone and anyone to speak up and stop work if there is an unsafe condition, action or safer way to perform a task. It is exciting to see that workers are more easily reaching out within and across teams to engage with others and look out for each other’s safety. Participation in Safety Week provides us with an opportunity to pause and say thank every worker on-site for their hard work. Our focus on active caring, creating an inclusive environment and engagement is making job sites a better and safer place to work.”