Project Management Software


The company’s Construction Software is the only project management and field-to-office collaboration platform designed specifically for trade contractors. Unlike competitors, it is easy to use and simple to learn, and its lower cost of entry creates a faster return on investment. eSUB gives you the following:

  • A more robust tool than Excel
  • Increased standardization across your enterprise
  • Improved field labor productivity
  • A searchable database updated in real-time
  • A Drawings capability that makes it easier for you to view and mark up the latest version of project drawings while in the field or the office
  • Proactive documentation that eliminates reactive claim processing

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Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions FAST134

Online Tool

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

The company is giving customers a convenient way to avert today’s supply chain frustrations with its online FAST134 program. The program allows anyone to go to the company’s website to explore a list of more than 48 standard specialty ceiling and wall product lines that can be shipped within one, three or four weeks. With more than 4,200 products offering an order-to-ship lead time of four weeks or less, FAST134 gives customers the ability to meet a variety of design and budget needs, as well as accomplish in a few weeks what could take months or longer in the current environment. Moreover, the FAST134 inventory is updated weekly, allowing customers to be confident that they will receive what they ordered without facing delays or being informed they need to select a different product. The website is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The tool allows a customer to narrow selections for their project based on desired lead time—one, three or four weeks—material type, and/or product family. To learn more about the FAST134 program for specialty solutions, visit

Jobsite Printer

Jobsite Printer


The Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter is thoughtfully designed for the construction site - solidly built to take everything a jobsite can throw at it. The printer comes delivered in a customized hard case with all the necessary components. The rest of the system includes a tripod, a total station, and a ruggedized tablet. There is also a software component designed to simplify the life of the construction team. With the tablet interface, the operator has full control over the layout. After the job is complete, Dusty’s report generator gives the user a digital report of the completed work and productivity rates. For more information, visit

Sustainable Minds Builder Workflow Tool

Builder Workflow Tool

Sustainable Minds

The Transparency Catalog with Project Builder & Library is designed to address the challenges architects, engineers, construction companies and owners face. It is an end-to-end collaborative workflow solution for sourcing high-performance materials that meets carbon impact and human health goals. Building on seven years of transparency data creation, collection, and curation, It has created the most comprehensive transparency documentation dataset available (all EPDs and all material ingredient disclosures from all building product manufacturers making products for the North American market), organized by CSI MasterFormat section—now with a seamlessly combined, highly-developed workflow tool.

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Hyperframe BIM Software

BIM Software


The company is launching a no-screw, snap-together framing system for interior partition wall framing. The company’s product workflow begins with its HyperBIM software, a browser-based BIM application that makes it faster and easier to achieve a coordinated LOD 400 BIM. The company then manufactures each stick of framing to match the BIM and delivers kits to corresponding zones in the field. Each piece snaps into place with no cutting and no screws. The installer is guided by an augmented reality headset that displays a hologram where each stick of framing fits into the building. The company expects its framing workflow to achieve up to 15x faster production rates in the field while achieving superior safety and quality.

Heady-duty Wall Blocking

Advanced Technology Stud Finder


Next-generation “intelligent” models incorporate multiple sensors and sophisticated signal processing technology to filter out “false positives.” The Wood Stud SuperScan with Target Control Technology + FILTERz. By analyzing the complex data streams from multiple sensors and controlling the result using sophisticated intelligence, the stud finder finds wood studs and filters out metallic objects, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, screws, protector plates, or ductwork in the wall. Additionally, the technology alerts the user to the presence of other low signal-strength, non-metallic targets, like plastic pipe, PEX tubing, and wiring. A new and improved user interface provides an intuitive “go/no go” indication in response to what is being sensed. With a new haptic vibration and a patented SpotLite Pointer that shines an arrow-shaped beam on the wall, users can clearly understand the target’s location and areas to avoid. For more information, visit

The Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT)

Real-time Online Tool

Building Transparency

The Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT), currently in beta, is a free and open-access tool that provides the data necessary to prioritize low-carbon products and make environmentally responsible decisions early, swiftly, and confidently – all while working within Revit, a BIM software. The tool provides designers with real-time information on material performance and carbon impacts via direct access to the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator’s (EC3’s) global database of Environmental Product Declarations—the primary pathway for manufacturers to communicate the environmental impacts of their products. For more information, visit