Center for Innovation, a leading nonprofit in the design and construction industries, today announced the Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative, aimed at post-war reconstruction efforts. Teaming up with the Ukrainian NGO Dobrobat, CFI will host two pivotal events: a national conference in Ukraine and a U.S. study trip for Ukrainian officials and experts.

The conference, “REUkraine: Restart, Rebuild, Recover – Innovative Foundations for a Strong Future,” aims to pioneer effective reconstruction solutions at a live, free event simulcast in English on July 28 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Center For Innovation Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative Picture 2

Photo courtesy of Center for Innovation


Set to address the staggering challenge of post-war rebuilding in Ukraine, CFI and Dobrobat are bringing together Ukrainian government officials and design and construction experts — as well as leading researchers, technologists and process experts — for a critical exchange of ideas and expertise structured to pave the way for reconstruction success.

“Russian forces are focused on destroying the heart of Ukrainian communities: homes, schools and hospitals,” said CFI Executive Director Margie O’Driscoll. “To succeed, reconstruction must be Ukrainian-led, employing sustainable, efficient construction methods. This massive post-WWII effort will reshape the industry, supporting Ukrainians in their greatest rebuilding task.

Center For Innovation Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative Picture 3

Photo courtesy of Center for Innovation


“Today, many Ukrainians don’t have a floor upon which to put their feet; in June 2023, it was estimated that 163,000 housing units have been destroyed,” O’Driscoll added. “To put that number in perspective, it’s as if every home in Cincinnati were destroyed.”

Ukrainians have exemplified innovation under duress. CFI will explore themes like sustainable construction, AI and augmented reality, virtual design, robotics, lean methodology, integrated project delivery and industrialized construction to pave the way to reconstruction success.

The Center for Innovation has raised $100,000 of the $300,000 necessary to fund this project. Donations are needed to make this project a reality.