Werner announced the introduction of the new Podium+ Type 1A ladder for residential and commercial construction with a 300-pound load capacity.

Designed for construction professionals, the new Podium+ offers a large 360-degree platform along with all the other benefits of the Werner Podium ladder in a lighter weight and more compact size.

“We’ve continued to expand the Podium product line because of the ease of use,” explained Diana Arshin, senior product manager at WernerCo. “While being lighter weight than other Podium ladders, it still has a large 15-inch by 18.5-inch work platform and an upgraded wraparound LOCKTOP, [increasing] storage and workspace at the top of the ladder.”

Werner says its Podium+ is ideal for “…safely and comfortably working at a fixed height and in any direction; the lighter weight of the new Podium+ makes it easy to set up and maneuver in tight spots.” Additionally, the large work platform allows professionals to work in any direction without repositioning the ladder while helping eliminate user fatigue from prolonged standing on a step.

The contoured guardrail also provides an added layer of stability for the user by providing a wraparound cradle at waist height. And the Podium+ features a newly redesigned top for productivity and safety with 10 unique design features for holding tools during multiple application needs.

Podium+ Ladder Provides Optimal Design and Premium Stability

New product features have been added to the Werner Podium+ Model PDLIA, available in three reach heights:

  • Work Facing Any Direction: Allows users to work safely and comfortably face any direction while accessing the project at hand.
  • Large 15-Inch By 18.5-Inch Platform: The large work platform reduces fatigue because it resembles “the feeling of” standing on the ground.
  • Upgraded Wraparound LOCKTOP: The multi-functional wraparound LOCKTOP is designed for professionals who want access to various tools at their fingertips. The enhanced tops include storage compartments and inserts for a wide variety of professionals’ most used tools and supplies, including impact drivers, hand tools, hardware and more. It also includes an accessory mounting plate for additional storage of magnetic accessories and anchor points for tool tethering, reducing the potential of dropping equipment.
  • Waist-High Guard Rail: The extended guard rail wraps around the ladder top for more security and freedom of movement.
  • Edge 360 Bracing System: The Edge360 gives the bottom of the Podium+ ladder protection from every angle with an integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing and oversized foot pads for enhanced stability.
  • Non-Conductive Side Rails: Safely work near electricity with non-conductive side rails that resist electrical transmission.

The Podium+ complements the existing family of Podium fiberglass ladders.

For more information, visit wernerpodium.com.