In this episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” W&C Group Publisher Jill Bloom is joined by Steve Slepcevic CEO of Strategic Response Partners.

As an expert of crisis manager, there are important things all contractors need to know about preparing for storms. 

In this business, the main thing is to have a plan. The main thing is to have your house in order with proper planning. You have no business going out to speak to anyone about planning unless you have yourself have your own system for the next big weather event. It requires a lot of attention. According to him, the priorities should be:

  • The individual
  • Family
  • Business

How do you set up your communication plans with your team?

“The communication has to come with the intelligence,” Slepcevic says. “Ask yourself, ‘What type of system are you using to convey your plans?’ It’s important on what type of communication systems your team is using to outline this plan. Make sure phones are charged; SAT phones are important. It doesn’t do any good to have a plan if you can’t get in touch with your subs.”

How many contractors have that type of communication? Very few, according to Slepcevic. To have satellite phones is an inexpensive alternative and it greatly helps contractors to communicate internally to one another.

Listen more for Slepcevic’s tips on how we should communicate during the big storm.