In this second part of W&C’s interview with Nick Harmon, the Fresco Harmony founder discusses with John Wyatt about the origins of his successful and very interesting podcast specifically for drywallers. 

Harmon says that he simply began his podcast just based on the fact there wasn’t one out there. He interviewed a Brazilian drywaller and from there it was a “go.” 

“There was nothing [regarding drywallers] really focusing on my fellow tradesmen. I’m also very prevalent on social media groups, which are a huge resource to product manufacturers. They know a lot of savvy tool manufacturers and also are active on Instagram. I was seeing what was going on in the face of the groups. And these are crazy groups that have grown so much.” 

He says he envisioned that if he had a “lemonade stand,” and I wanted  to put up my product, I would have access to 100,000 people [within the target audience]. 

And then the second part of that are the interesting characters that emerge from these groups. Those that have different and far-out views. Harmon thought that this should be a podcast. 

“My original thought was I could take an interview of these people in the trade and I could interview the owner of Drywall Hand Finishers, which is Rick Moore. He’s never been on the show. Then Rick would take that interview, post it, then I would get a lot of traction. That was the origin of the idea. I know a lot of people in the industry. What drywallers want to hear are about other people in the trades.” 

This idea has led to a successful—albeit somewhat fringe and underground—audience that wants to hear the real and raw accounts of the professional drywaller. 

Harmon’s podcast adventures can be found on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and other social media mediums.