The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Innovation Council will host its next Technology Forum on Aug. 29-31 in Portland, Oregon. This year’s highly anticipated forum offers 15 presentations that highlight new technologies, advances in research and new test standards. NEU – An ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete is sponsoring the group lunch, which will be followed by several carbon-neutral topics. The event will conclude with a debate that discusses new technologies for determining concrete strength and how such methodologies can find a path to be used in acceptance criteria for concrete.

The forum topics include:

Technology Showcases

  • Argyle: A BIM to AR Program for the Field — Presented by Maret Thatcher of Argyle
  • Carbon Capture of CO2 from Gas Streams — Presented by Brittany Zimmerman of Yummet
  • Rebel Sensor System: Measuring Real‐Time In‐Place Concrete Strength — Presented by Luna Lu of Purdue and WaveLogix
  • Sublime: Decarbonizing Cement and the Co‐Production of Green Hydrogen – Presented by a representative of Sublime Systems


  • How Do Venture Capitalists Evaluate Technologies for Investment? — Presented by Curtis Rogers of Brick & Mortar Ventures
  • Advances for the Use of Basalt Fibers & Rebar – Presented by Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza of the University of Miami
  • CCUS and Innovative Materials: The Building Blocks for Net‐Zero Concrete — Presented by Emily Kunkel of Thornton Tomasetti
  • Develop of Innovations — Presented by Sean Monkman of CarbonCure
  • Framework for Characterizing the Performance of High‐Early Strength, High‐Volume Fly Ash Concrete Structures — Presented by Matthew J. Gombeda of the Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Using Machine Learning to Automate Design Tasks — Presented by Brad Malmsten of Thornton Tomasetti


Alternatives to Cylinder Breaks for Acceptance Testing, Part II, will discuss currently available new technologies for strength testing. Panelists will debate if the industry could/should develop more rapid and reliable acceptance criteria based on those methods. Viewpoints of contractor, producer, specifier and testing agency sectors will be represented with extended time for Q&A with attendees.

The ACI Foundation Technology Forum is an industry-exclusive educational and networking event for concrete professionals. The forum is your opportunity to connect with representatives from material suppliers, architecture & engineering firms, contractors, academics, top-level executives and regulatory agencies.

For information about the technology forum, including registration, the schedule and updates to the agenda, visit