JLG Industries, Inc. has released its new white paper Uptime Matters, which answers six frequently asked questions about equipment maintenance, parts and service. In the piece, JLG guides equipment owners on solutions they can put in place to increase the life cycle of their aerial equipment fleets, reduce their cost of ownership and maximize the return on their investments.

It is important for equipment owners to prioritize the care of their machines to keep an aerial equipment fleet up and running efficiently. Regularly servicing and maintaining aerial equipment not only keeps the machines well-maintained and in good working order — but also extends their overall lifespan and keeps their different components in use longer, lowering TCO and increasing ROI.

Equipment care involves several to-do’s, including preventive and predictive maintenance, equipment inspections and replacing parts. When developing a proactive service and maintenance strategy, equipment owners will gain valuable insights from JLG’s Uptime Matters white paper to help them implement effective procedures, including:

  1. Understanding the difference between preventive and predictive maintenance.
  2. Knowing what machine inspections need to be conducted and when to do them.
  3. Recognizing which wear parts need to be inspected.
  4. Learning about the different types of replacement parts available.
  5. Getting more details about remanufactured parts.
  6. Having tips for stocking common wear parts.

Interested in learning more? The Uptime Matters white paper is now available for download on JLG #DirectAccess. To get your free copy, click here.

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