A new tenant-lease space is grabbing attention in Austin, Texas, because it has changed the vibe of the 12-structure Statehouse Building apartments on South Congress Avenue while still maintaining the “Keeping Austin Weird” vibe. A confidential financial tech firm worked with architect Gensler to make a unique workspace at 1221 South Congress Ave.

Just as the firm strives to make savvy business decisions for the company and its clients, contractors for this project found ways to work more efficiently within the scope of the design. Using Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Angle from Flex-Ability Concepts was one such investment in time and budget savings.

Marek Brothers of Buda, Texas, worked as the framing and drywall subcontractor on the 6,650-square-foot office space with general contractor rand* Construction of Austin. Marek Brothers installed 16-gauge 6-inch and 20-gauge 3 5/8-inch Flex-C Trac and 20 gauge 2 1/4-inch Flex-C Angle. The distributor was L&W Supply of Round Rock, Texas.

Danny Hogan, estimator/project manager with Marek Brothers, said using Flex-Ability Concepts’ products was not part of the original plan. He substituted the products in the specs because of the large amounts of radius walls and furr downs in the office space.

“The install was smooth and easy,” Hogan said. “By switching to Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Angle, we had better production time and improved installation accuracy versus snipping standard track.”

The confidential financial tech firm takes up the top floors of the building with retail on the first floor. The developer, Turnbridge Equities, reports the goal of each project is to create a 9.5-acre mixed-use development that ultimately expands the history, energy and “Keep Austin Weird” feel that is part of the Statehouse Building apartment complex.

Flex-C Angle is just like Flex-C Trac except, having only one leg, it easily lets metal framing lay flat over the product. It’s ideal for furr downs or other installs where the second leg of the track would interfere with the perpendicular framing components. Flex-C Trac and Flex-Angle both have Flex-Ability Concepts’ Hammer-Lock feature, where the Hammer-Lock tabs are hammered into place to embed them into the web and secure the shape of the products. For added strength, self-tapping screws can be embedded into the side of Flex-C Trac or Flex-C Angle. Among the benefits of Flex-Ability Concepts’ products are decreased labor demands, reduced material waste and costs, increased safety and strong product integrity.

“When your customer is asking for curves, clouds, light coves, barrel vaults and other radiused applications, think about Flex-Ability Concepts like Danny and his team did,” said Robert Widmer, director of sales and marketing at Flex-Ability Concepts. “Our job is to make contractors a success and curved installs easier.”

For more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential applications, visit https://www.flexabilityconcepts.com.