The National Center for Construction Education and Research has published the second edition of its Drywall Level 1 curriculum, featuring the craft’s most current tools and best practices in a revised format.

The second edition’s updates include:

  • New content and artwork for greater industry relevance, readability and learner engagement.
  • A rebalanced focus between wood framing and cold-formed steel framing, ensuring valuable coverage of both residential and commercial drywall applications.

Drywall Level 1 is part of NCCER’s two-level drywall curriculum and covers introductory concepts, tools and skills for this important finishing craft. The curriculum’s second level, Drywall Level 2, which addresses more advanced drywall topics, is expected have an updated second edition in early 2024.

To learn more about Drywall Level 1, Second Edition, contact your Pearson executive director or visit the Drywall craft page on the NCCER website.

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