In this latest episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” Richard Reppert, President of R.L. Reppert speaks about many industry issues. He’s a past cover star of the magazine and R.L Reppert has many times made our Top 50 list. 

Reppert speaks about what is happening in his neck of the woods in eastern Pennsylvania, in regards to construction activity in that corner of the U.S. According to him, the workload is still strong and he’s very optimistic about 2024. 

After 50 years in business, many Boomers are retiring from the company—has this caused a deficit in labor workforce? “For every three people in the past that have retired, we are able to hire approximately one and that is certainly something we’re always aware of,” Reppert says. He reports that a lot of those people retire worked at the company for decades, those that helped build the company. Reppert says they’re like family and hates to see them go. To address the labor shortage, the company seeks new employees through vocational schools—even high school—to attract tomorrow’s workforce. 

What changes have you made for the company to ensure its success? “Adaptability. You have to be very adaptable in this business to succeed.” The “old way” just doesn’t cut it always, he says.