A dual event brought together leading figures in California’s design industry, including creatives, social influencers, architects and real estate representatives. The occasion marked the presentation of Paola Lenti’s newly revamped flagship store in Los Angeles, which originally opened in July 2020 in collaboration with Robina Benson Design House.

The project not only redefines the spatial experience but also introduces a fresh layout, reflecting a unique, personal perspective that is also capable of interpreting various styles and contexts. Rooted in a recognizable philosophy of living and a relentless spirit of experimentation, Paola Lenti’s designs exude unprecedented hues and an unwavering commitment to handmade craftsmanship, fostering harmony, well-being and serenity.

The new store layout provides an exclusive opportunity for the American audience to discover the latest offerings unveiled during the recent Milano Design Week. Notably, visitors can experience the extraordinary handwoven Twitape designs inspired by Japanese traditions. These unique weaves adorn the special edition of the Wave chaise lounge, commemorating 20 years since Paola Lenti’s inaugural outdoor collection.

Spanning an elegant 900-square-meter space with three grand windows overlooking Melrose Avenue, the Los Angeles store exudes a captivating atmosphere. Color, as always, takes center stage, speaking a universal language understood worldwide. The latest collection features an array of striking hues, including numerous variations of red and fuchsia, ranging from vibrant magenta to warm shades of orange.

Drawing inspiration from California’s vibrant energy characterized by lush greenery and the azure hues of the ocean, the outdoor area is brought to life with luminous color choices. Meanwhile, the indoor sections harmoniously blend neutral sand and burnt earth tones to recreate a serene and ethereal ambiance, particularly in the bedroom area.

Underlining the profound significance of nature, which has always been the primary source of inspiration for Paola Lenti’s designs, a delightful surprise awaits visitors in the form of a temporary outdoor space. This carefully curated area incorporates natural materials and a selection of local plants, creating an intimate and welcoming environment dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Guests can peacefully indulge in the comfort of the outdoor furnishings surrounded by nature’s splendor.