ATAS International now offers two courses that have been approved by the International Design Continuing Education Council for one CEU. Those courses join the many others that ATAS has had approved by the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System, Green Business Certification Inc. and International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants. With a stronger focus on the interior use of metal, ATAS has implemented a new business channel to address those unique needs, such as acoustics and various ceiling and wall applications.

ATAS’ newest course is titled “Today’s Architectural Metals for the Interior World.” It is approved for one LU/HSW by the AIA in addition to the recent IDCEC approval. The learning objectives for this course include:

  • Explore how metal can enhance an interior environment with beauty, strength and resilience.
  • Illustrate creative intuitive metal usage in walls, ceilings and accents, replacing old construction methods.
  • Understand the options of colors and textures available with today’s architectural metals.
  • Examine the benefits of aluminum as well as its sustainable nature and green attributes.

The second ATAS course approved by the IDCEC is titled “Interior Acoustics and Sound Control Using Metal Panels.” It is also approved for one LU/HSW by the AIA. This course’s learning objectives include:

  • Define sound and its physical properties and identify how sound travels and interacts through a typical space.
  • Examine the history of architectural acoustics and utilize Wallace Sabine’s formula to convert Sabins in order to meet a specific area’s need for acoustical sound control.
  • Understand Noise Reduction Coefficients, Ceiling Attenuation Class, Sound Transmission Class and how each helps in acoustical sound control.
  • Demonstrate placement and alternative spaces to provide acoustical treatment within a given space.

Both courses can be given in-person or virtually. If an office cannot hold a large group or a firm would like to combine the seminar with other firms, ATAS will rent a meeting room at a hotel or other large gathering space to accommodate groups of 20 people and over. To view ATAS’ complete catalog of course offerings, visit

“As we see increased applications of metal inside of buildings, we wanted to provide applicable education that could also earn interior designers their CEUs,” stated Kevin Cox, ATAS’ director of interior business development. “By becoming a registered education provider with the IDCEC, ATAS is committed to providing educational content to increase the knowledge of the interior designers on all the exciting and attractive ways metal can contribute to a modern space with pleasant acoustics.”