On Oct. 17, Festool announced a new range of offerings designed to provide users greater versatility and convenience. First available on Nov. 14, three limited-edition cordless combo kits offer professional tradespeople innovation, performance and quality for any task.

“Our limited-edition Cordless Combo Kits epitomize the blend of innovation and versatility that Festool is known for,” said Rick Bush, senior product marketing manager at Festool. “These curated kits offer a specialized Festool experience tailored to your needs.”

Three Cordless Combo Kits: Take Your Tool Kit Anywhere with a Combo Tailored to You

  1. TID + TSC Combo Kit: Step up your game with the TID + TSC Combo Kit. The TID 18 Impact Driver offers durability, speed and precision, while the TSC 55 K Cordless Circular Saw provides unmatched safety and accuracy with its KickbackStop function. The kit includes a SYS3 M112 Systainer for systemized storage, plus a 28-tooth blade for added versatility with the TSC 55 K.
  2. TID + HKC Combo Kit: Conquer your projects with the TID + HKC Combo Kit. Featuring the robust TID 18 Impact Driver and the HKC 55 Circular Saw, this combo kit is specially designed for precise angle cuts. The kit comes with a SYS3 M112 Systainer for easy organization and a 12-tooth blade optimized for fast rip cuts with the HKC 55.
  3. TID + PSC Combo Kit: Experience versatility with the TID + PSC Combo Kit. Alongside the reliable TID 18 Impact Driver, enjoy the PSC 420 Cordless Jig Saw that promises tear-free, square cuts. An integrated LED light enhances visibility, while the SYS3 M112 Systainer and a range of jig saw blades offer complete project readiness.

Available for a limited time at participating dealers since Nov. 14, the TID + TSC Combo Kit is available at $999, the TID + HKC Combo Kit is available at $999 and the TID + PSC Combo Kit is available at $750. For more information, visit festoolusa.com/festool2023.