Gray Tools has installed new, state-of-the-art equipment in its Canadian factory to better serve its customers by increasing pry bar production capacity while reducing its environmental footprint. The system replaces the company’s previous method of swaging tempered ends of pry bars, which is traditionally an energy- and labor-intensive process.

Gray’s new twin-spindle lathe with a custom, automated bar feeder and output table is capable of tapering pry bar ends faster, more consistently and with tighter tolerances than previously possible. As a result, customers can enjoy reduced lead times with the superior level of quality they’ve come to expect from Gray products. An added benefit is the energy efficiency of the lathe, which is more friendly to the environment.

“As a company that takes pride in our domestic manufacturing capabilities, we’re excited for the enhancements we’re making by installing this equipment,” said Paul Dean, VP of operations. “We’re always looking for ways to improve lead times, maximize quality, become more efficient, reduce our environmental footprint and add value to our customers. The new lathe checks all those boxes.”

Gray’s line of pry bars includes a complete range of styles and sizes from 11 to 60 inches to suit any application. They are manufactured in North America and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They can be purchased at

In addition to pry bars, Gray is expanding the use of the lathe to improve efficiency when making other tools. For instance, the vertical drilling and milling capabilities can be utilized in the process of manufacturing strike-free wrenches, tubular handles, ratchet handles and extensions.