FWCCA will hold a Fastest Gun in the South Contest at its convention in July. The contest will take place from 9:15-11:45 a.m. on July 26 in the Omni Resort at ChampionsGate’s exhibit hall. The contest is limited to the first 10 teams that register.

Two-person teams will compete at the same time. There is a $250 registration fee per team. FWCCA asks that each company register only one team to start as their primary team. If there are not 10 teams, FWCCA will contact you to register the second team. List the second team on the registration form and you will be contacted if space allows.

Drawings will be held at the contest’s commencement for team placement. Participants can bring their own tools or tools will be provided. Each team will set its own “buzzer” for starting and stopping to ensure time accuracy. Teams will be timed on hanging drywall over pre-built wood-framed walls.

Teams will be judged on the spacing of screws, depth of screws and gaps between drywall or dissimilar materials. All screws should be 12 inches OC. There will be a penalty of a half-second off the final time for each screw that is not within 12 inches. Drywall gaps should be no more than 1/4-inch between each sheet of drywall and between drywall and dissimilar materials (outlets, fire sprinklers, etc.). There will be a half-second penalty levied for each piece of drywall that is not within a 1/4-inch gap of another.

All teams will be required to remove the drywall they hang after the walls have been inspected by the judges. Everyone participating will get a prize (tools, t-shirts, etc.). Raffle tickets will be given to non-winners for a chance to win extra prizes.