In this special episode of If Walls Could Talk, live from BUILD24, W&C Associate Editor Michael Levitt sat down with James Chaney, senior project manager at Acoustical Design Inc., to discuss what it means to be on the cover of our magazine.

ADI was our current cover star when BUILD24 took place, so we wanted to see how Chaney and the company felt about the honor.

“It’s humbling,” Chaney said. “It’s encouraging and rewarding to see the work that everyone in my organization comes together to complete. And for me, that cover and the ability to take on the legacy from the Cramer family on such a great company that’s been successful since 1965, is again, it’s just humbling.”

Chaney and his wife recently bought ADI and look to keep its legacy intact.

“Having the opportunity to have purchased Acoustical Design—a company that started back in ’65—really allows us, as a mature company, to be involved with projects very early,” Chaney said. “Our trade partners in the region rely on us to speak to pricing models that they, in turn, speak to their clients with. All of these projects require a lot of early budgeting as the design progresses. And we’re really lucky to be part of that and provide that service to our clients.”

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